CBTN is interested in publishing original content by people with MH diagnoses or the family and friends thereof.  We are looking for the following three loosely-restrictive categories:

  1. Original Articles
  2. Original Artwork
  3. Original Research

Please click each for specific guidelines.  We don’t mean to be totalitarian or any of that nonsense, but especially as the show and site evolves and we develop it on our own time and dime, it will save us a lot of effort if submissions are properly formatted and ready to go.

Here’s some more info on what we’re looking for:


Topics we are interested in include experience with psychiatric meds, suicide, substance abuse, family and romantic relationships, general lived experience, what it’s like to live with someone with a MH diagnosis, effective therapy techniques, international/cross-cultural perspectives, overcoming discrimination, high school and college perspectives, professionals in the workplace perspectives, and experiences in specific inpatient facilities.


We are interested in publishing and promoting original artwork of all mediums from artists/writers/poets/musicians with demonstrable MH diagnoses.  These include bios, links, reviews, and Hi-Res images/videos.


CBTN would very much like to add to John and Randi’s research into Disordered Personalities (famous/notable persons, historical or living, who either would have been, have been, or should be diagnosed with a mental “illness”). We are also interested in perspectives/articles from therapists, peer support specialists, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other MH professionals.  Original research on the history of Mental Health, especially in other cultures and ancient civilizations, would be much appreciated.