CHANGE BUT THE NAME is a podcast created and run by Pennsylvania state-certified Peer Support Specialists John Ward and Randi Fellows.  To become a Peer Support Specialist, a person must have a MH diagnosis/diagnoses.  Both John and Randi are diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

The show and the related content and community on this site were created in response to our training and subsequent experience with Peer Support.  Our show, articles and other works are aimed to shed light on what it’s like to have a mental “illness” from the perspective of someone with lived experience; controversial topics like drug use (recreational vs medicinal), suicide, mania and depression, hearing voices/hallucinations, family and romantic relationships – things that will help both the diagnosed and their undiagnosed family/friends understand, cope with, and recover from MH issues.

There is a reason we call CBTN “a show for people with Mental Health diagnoses” as opposed to illnesses.  This does not mean we believe you have carte blanche to be a ridiculous maniac (and this is coming from two people who have at times been ridiculous maniacs).  It does not mean you don’t have to take your meds, talk to a therapist, or see a psychiatrist…

It simply means there is nothing “wrong” with you.

There is no reason you can’t – with self-study, serious reflection, and honest effort – function at a level equal to, if not far exceeding, a quote unquote “normal” adult.

For more info about CBTN and the creators/hosts John and Randi follow the links or visit our About page.  This post will remain static on the home page until we are a little further along in integrating everything together and producing a few more episodes.  You can listen to the existing audio of our pilot episodes and interviews here (link coming soon).

We both strongly encourage you to interact/engage with us through e-mail, this site, comments on our content, or in the community forum. You can use the Contact page to submit specific questions or guest articles for the site.

Ok – that’s all for now – thanks for being patient as we develop CBTN.  We look forward to hearing from you!