In producing a full season of both audio and video episodes, CBTN is going to need something on the order of ten to twenty unique guests with personal stories relevant to MH and a willingness to be open, honest, and travel to central Pennsylvania for a recording session.

What does the “ideal” interview guest look like? Well, there are two types we’re looking for – those with lived experience (diagnoses) and those who do not have a diagnosis but work extensively in MH.

For interviewees with lived experience, CBTN is looking for an individual who has as many of the following characteristics as possible:

  • Has a MH diagnosis
  • Is in a current state of stability
  • Has interesting personal anecdotes/experiences
  • Is willing to share those experiences
  • Is open, honest, truthful, and interested in recovery
  • Has existing work (writing, art, research) CBTN can promote
  • Has an expertise, not necessarily official or credentialed, in a specific field
  • Has achieved prominence in a given field (sports, business, etc)

For interviewees without lived experience, CBTN is looking for the following characteristics:

  • Has a demonstrable record of working with/in MH
  • Has legal or medical expertise
  • Is a MH recovery advocate
  • Has family or friends with MH diagnoses
  • Has achieved prominence in a religious or governmental capacity
  • Runs/is involved in a leadership position with a nonprofit or MH company
  • Runs/is involved in a leadership position with an educational institution
  • Licensed MH professionals, doctors, therapists, technicians, etc.
  • Has a positive outlook on MH recovery and stigmas

If you feel you fit well into either of these categories and are interested in being interviewed either in an audio podcast or in a CBTN video (and have the means and time to travel to central PA and participate in a 2 to 4 hour recording session), please use the Contact page to tell us more about yourself and why you’re interested.