Before submitting an article, please send us an e-mail via the Contact page with your idea(s).  If we feel it will fit in well with the CBTN site in its current form (whatever that may be), we’ll ask you for the article as an attachment formatted accordingly:

  • Word or ODS text document with HTML markup
  • Title and nom de plume
  • A short bio to include (if you so desire), or
  • A link to your personal blog/site/bio, etc.
  • Images you would like to include with the article

Please use the following formatting guidelines:

  • 12 point font, HTML markup
  • <strong></strong>bracketing bold text
  • <i></i> bracketing italics
  • <br> for line breaks
  • <a href-“URL“>LINKED WORDS</a> for links, where URL is the URL you are linking to and LINKED WORDS are the words that will appear in the article

In other words, type the HTML markup straight into your article and send it as a Word or ODS document so it can be published quickly and with minimal editing.  Failure to follow these guidelines will not necessarily result in your work not being published, but it may significantly delay it.