There was a monkey.

The monkey came across an anthill.

The anthill was home to many ants.

The monkey found the ants very interesting.


There were big ants and small ants

Boy ants and girl ants

Ants who led and ants who followed

Selfless ants and selfish ants

Ants who lived

Ants who died…

The anthill was home to many ants.


The monkey came to like the ants very much.

He would watch them every day.

The monkey forgot to eat

The monkey forgot to drink

The monkey forgot to sleep

Because the ants were very interesting.


One day

After watching the ants every day

And not eating

And not drinking

And not sleeping

The monkey died

And the ants ate his corpse.


One thought on “The Monkey And The Anthill

  1. I like the theme: A person can be so distracted they forget to do what is important.

    This story has excellent flow, especially in stanzas 2, 3, and 4. The line breaks are just right! And I like the Brother’s Grimm style ending.

    Minor suggestion: For line one, I would say, “Once there was a monkey.” The opening line needs adjustment.

    I wrote a fable (900 words) called The Greedy Goose that Laid Golden Eggs. If you would like to read it, I’m open to any feedback:


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