Twitter is an absolute dream when it comes to #MentalIllness. In the interests of making some sense of this world-class clusterfuck, I’ll be periodically highlighting and documenting some key categories of tweets.

Before we get started, I’ll point out a few things in case you think you’d enjoy following along or helping with the organization.

  1. I’m sticking to two searches – Just plain “mental illness” and “#mentalillness” (without the quotes if that wasn’t clear).
  2. I’m doing this because, like the term itself, it seems to be by far the most unreasonable.
  3. Enter at your own risk. I’ve already been sucked in to a fair share of trolling. Which leads to:
  4. Don’t troll people who are expressing genuine depression or suicidal ideation.



I’ve spent a solid five minutes trying to figure out what this self-proclaimed Nazi-puncher was talking about. Either this is racist against blacks, sexist against women, both, or just simple evidence of projecting mental illness into #mentalillness by ranting about mental illness.


tweet2This might be my favorite part of the Twitter dream world that is #mentalillness. Left-leaning persons make an equal and oppositely ridiculous claim to right-leaning persons’ ridiculous claims. Honestly, I think we might be on to a new mental illness here. Michael and Warren are literally the same person in terms of personality and argumentative strategy. Which is why it’s so fun to watch them argue with each other ignorant of the fact they are just arguing against themselves – and losing.



At least, you can see. I don’t know what Gillian Bagwell said (because I don’t care), but Hugh was obvie a little jacked up about it. I do like that he at least hyphenated “butt-hurt” – I’m a fan (see what I did there?) I’m not sure how one causes “permanent damage” to a mental illness, but using the possibility a person might have it as a pejorative is pretty common. This shouldn’t offend you – the only person Hugh offended was himself; the only thing he destroyed was his own dignity.

That’s it for part one – a short exploratory analysis of the Twitter dream world of hastag mental illness. Try it out some time. I’ll try to take this a little more seriously and evince some more concrete categories, and given I have the time will pare them down into future posts with a little more efficacy. For now, my recommendation is you treat #mentalillness with about as much emotional investment as I displayed in this article.

If you find this offensive, I find you offensive. Just laugh at yourself, bro. Maybe the point of all this is to just have fun.


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