One has oodles of time in a homeless shelter – and without outing anyone or any organizations, it’s actually quite an incredible place with excellent staff, so no insults in that regard.

Between job searches and my part time job (and CBTN) I’ve killed a few hours here and there by busting out the community charcoal.

Maybe it’s because he was bipolar, or maybe because he looks like his face went through a meat processing plant, but my most recent attempt was Abraham Lincoln.

Abe takes shape.

I don’t know much about drawing faces aside from that you’re supposed to go full Autist and break it down into simple shapes and shades. So I did my best.

Abe a little further on.

I was feeling okay about Abe most through most of the effort, but damn – this home slice got a serious death stare that’s hard to handle.

Abe with a sidehawk.

I can’t even count how many times it crossed my mind that a US President so epically and gloriously didn’t care about how his hair looked.

Abe finished.

Finished is a euphemism for lost patience and called it good. Did I screw up the proportions or does that fault lie with god/genetics?

That’s between Abe and the Lord.



4 thoughts on “CBTN Host John Ward Insults Abe Lincoln By Drawing Him

    1. Thanks it’s got a lot of overspray though – I let the stencil get a little beat up and I had to do it in the snow to avoid getting paint anywhere. But I’ll take it for a first attempt!


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