The Difference Between “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!” and “I don’t care.”

CBTN host and CPS John Ward highlights a simple way to get past mental health insults on social media and in the real world.


The “Mentsies” – Concurrent Mood Cycling In Friends With Bipolar

CBTN host John Ward, CPS describes his and host Randi Fellows, CPS identical concurrent inpatient stays in December 2016 and how mood cycles might relate (as an analog) to the menstrual cycle, or human behavior cycles in general.

INTERVIEWS Season 1 – Olivia Smith

CHANGE BUT THE NAME is honored to release it's first pilot episode of the INTERVIEWS series. Hosts John Ward, CPS and Randi Fellows, CPS sit down with high school student and film guru Olivia Smith, who at eighteen years old willingly opens herself up about her Bipolar diagnosis, attempted suicide, her self-awareness of her attraction to dark and disturbing films, and how it all ties together with her evolving and exceptionally lucid understanding of mental health.

Disordered Personalities – Abraham Lincoln (Pilot 2)

Our favorite homeboy slash president slash in this very sentence disrespected president Abraham Lincoln and his Bipolar disorder get the lime light in this comprehensive green lit pilot episode of DISORDERED PERSONALITIES.