With a little slicing and dicing CBTN humbly introduces you to the first pilot episode for DISORDERED PERSONALITIES.  In this episode John and Randi discuss the life and times and bizarre life of Ludwig von Beethoven (Bipolar).

We appreciate feedback both here and in the forum as we works towards refining the concept in preparation for Season 1.


One thought on “Disordered Personalities – Beethoven (Pilot 1)

  1. Hi. I stumbled upon your video about Beethoven (your DISORDERED PERSONALITIES pilot 1) after posting an experience I had listening to a wonderful string quartet perform his Grosse Fuge Op. 133. The Grosse Fuge, in my view is a wonderful example of his flight of ideas/racing thoughts. I was quite affected by that concert and even triggered by it, a bit.

    I agree with you that Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (containing the “Ode to Joy”) is also a great example of his bipolar showing through. Again, it is a rather triggering piece for me.

    I also have bipolar type 1.

    I’ll look for your other episodes of DISORDERED PERSONALITIES. I like the way you presented the pilot 1.


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